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      ... is a singer/songwriter, astrologer, and eclectic witch.


Cawnawyn’s music is based on stories of ritual, paganism, fantasy, and folktale. Her debut album, Ushabti (2020) underscores a mummification ritual that might have been performed by our ancestors in ancient Egypt. It weaves together the traditions of the Egyptian Pantheon and features echoes from beyond the grave. In 2021, Cawnawyn released her single, Under Starlit Skies; a musical celebration of the pagan holiday known as “Mabon” or the “Witch’s Thanksgiving”.


Concurrently, Cawnawyn has been passionate about Astrology for 17 years. She was encouraged to give personal readings for Astrology and Tarot by her mentors, friends and family who had witnessed her spiritual transformation and the meaningful answers and guidance she provided through her interpretation of the stars. After being featured in an interview with Bonfire Babble Podcast in early 2021, she joined hosts Corey and Detta for the monthly astrology episode and shares her forecast each astrological season.


Cawnawyn joined forces with business partner and coven sister, Serenity in 2021 to form The Divine Warrior Witches; a pair of eclectic witches hosting local Sabbat classes and creating online spells for witches around the world. Cawnawyn shares her astrology and music with audiences during live rituals and on social media in partnership with The Divine Warrior Witches.


In 2022, Cawnawyn began teaching classes on astrology witchcraft to students at Crescent Moon Gifts in Tacoma, WA. She offers online classes to those interested in learning her approach to astrology used in magickal practice.


She is blessed to be working and living as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and High Priestess in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region.

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