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Divine Warrior Rituals


Please visit our new website to find out more about our Divine Warrior Witches Wheel of the Year Rituals.

We are Serenity, Cawnawyn, and Heather,

    the Divine Warrior Witches.

We are three eclectic witches from the Pacific Northwest, practitioners of Witchcraft, creative artists, storytellers, and performers. We seek to create a community of Divine Warriors.


We are all made of stardust and hold celestial purpose. In the mundane world, we are forced to suppress our connection to Earth, to the Cosmos, to our true desires, and to each other.


In perfect love and perfect trust, we quest to courageously embolden generations of warriors that will fight against injustice and division.

As Divine Warriors we strive to create a harmonious community of earth caretakers and spiritual practitioners who will empower each other and embrace the awesomeness of our higher selves.


Be a
part of

Share in the love, music, and magick of the Goddess and learn about the Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year! Our Ritual Classes will teach you the significance of our beloved holidays and you can participate in a magickal working! 


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Divine Warrior Witches
Beltane Celebration & Spell

Beltane Celebration & Spell

"Beltane is a day to celebrate. To celebrate life, love, fertility, and growth. On the Wheel of the Year, it falls directly opposite of Samhain.  This is when the “vail” between our world and the Other world or fairy land, is the thinnest. Beltane is also a fertility Sabbat. The name of this holiday is derived from “bale fire” from when all over Ireland and Britain, giant balefires were lit on May Eve. Lighting the Beltane fires on the first of May was a symbolic move to recall the growing power of the sun and cleanse the community of the dark months spent indoors.  Beltane brings ideas, hopes and dreams into action. This is a time of freedom, cleansing, growth and choice, of letting go with delightful abandon. Beltane is creativity and creation, bringing ideas and plans to life." - By Aura Beltane Chant, written by Serenity When lost in the dark Ignite your spark Let it burn, burn, burn Sense the fire within And your energies spin Let them turn, turn, turn Feel the heat rising Intense, mesmerizing Yearn, yearn, yearn It’s no longer dark. Give into the spark Yearn, turn, burn. Blessed Bath Self Love Spell Ingredients Rose: love, protection, healing love Lavender: to bring happiness, peace, purification Chamomile: to calm Lemon: to bring longevity, friendship Salt: to cleanse, banish negative energy Self Love Chant, written by Serenity I am beauty, I am divine I am a warrior I am refined I love my spirit I love my body I love my mind I shall be kind To the goddess within Pure and radiant in my skin Full of life Free of strife And with this kiss💋 I seal my bliss❤️ Follow Us: TikTok @divinewarriors Instagram & Facebook @divinewarriorwitches Follow for updates about our live classes and rituals! Questions? Music and Video © Smashing Ivory Productions LLC 2021
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