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" Cawnawyn Mor is the most exciting astrologer I have encountered! She is vibrant, knowledgeable, filled with wisdom, and she makes learning about astrology fun! I have been impressed by her ability to understand the cosmos and explain her perspectives. The way she integrates her astrological practice with witchcraft is fascinating and complimentary. I highly recommend Cawnawyn Mor to anyone interested in developing a deeper relationship to themselves and the universe around them. "

- Serenity, co-founder of the divine warrior witches


My Philosophy...

is that astrology is a study of archetypes; a tool in which to better understand your soul's journey on this earthly plane. Soak in as much information as is helpful and leave the rest. The movements and influences of the planets have been the source of answers, inspiration, and guidance for thousands of years. We have much to learn about ourselves in the study of this host of characters and the rich tapestry of history and legend they possess. Opening ourselves to our unique astrology is meant to bring about positive transformation in our human experience.
This process is yours to design. Do so as you wish.


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